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t I could take care of you

This is a normal psychological characteristics. So, when you get used to him around every day around you, and suddenly he was far away from you, you can not be reconciled, right, start thinking about him now. Do not believe you really like him, christian louboutin sale this is just a inertia only. Do not think about him, why his doing this, a few days they get used to it all right. He then supposed to warm up it? If you are not see through, but also into the set I have no other way. 3, if it in the move, we must pursue: killing is not that policy. To put it plainly, is even special like him every day without thinking about him all the time, but also bad at heart, absolutely not let him know. If the writings to be finished, you can say with good friends, you can write out the Internet to vent, but it is not to say to him. Why? Because Zuoren attitude must be beautiful, even if you lose, and only he knows, he did not chance to look down upon you. Is that you have to say, says women can not take the initiative? I think the tragic experience of it, people are patting the shoulder and said, like him, guess what, Zhi Buding is he, how long do they joke. Ah so young then.

Of course you can take the initiative to lure, but do not take the initiative to tell the truth. 4, it was like how can he do? Hey, no way, moncler shop only to convince myself do not like. Fight it, examples of this: met a master, I saw many eyes n all do not see what he meant. He said that if 10 is down to business in two, five and a half with a hint, two and a half is the boast you. And then, quietly waiting for you to hook up. Yes, I practice enough, when I 3cm away from his face when I hear his heartbeat. Every day thinking about, ready to send home, he said: We just working relationship. A pot of cold water in the end. Then this can not be reconciled, to meet every day, every day, wondering. And then later? And then later saw him and another woman as this one to two to ambiguous with, ha ha, complete relief. Had their own little surprising, but he had this trick. And then moving their faces later when he came, I immediately jump out of 3 meters; dare touch me directly call indecent assault; when he begged me to stay with him, I use the most affectionate, cheap timberland boots most innocent eyes looked at him, especially sincere says: This is not very good, I count you people? What then? Initiative in my hands. Reason we naturally think of him, do not want management to ignore. Figured out that this man has nothing to nostalgia. 5, and others want to play the ambiguous? Do not, do not, such things have retribution. Love a good many people okay! Do not do this wicked thing.What is love? Love what is most important? In love, when we think, often do not understand.

A girl fell in love with a boy, she kind of obsessed with his nonchalant look, there are simple and honest and with a magnetic bass, she felt him apart. Boy infatuated with her, said her city girl has a rare pure. They love. One day, the girl was sick, she called him, wanted him to see her, but he said to attend a Party, cold does not matter to rest enough. On another occasion, the girl was rain blocking the road and let him pick up, cheap football shirts he said something get away, let her, and so, the girl in the rain waiting for two hours. Later, girls and boys broke up, not because of these little things, because the boy and he likes another girl. The girl was sad, but there is no way to restore the boy's love. Soon, the girl met a large 5-year-old than her man, he often call him, met very reticent. He did not declare what the girl only had one hair style with a beautiful rose pattern of the substrate E-Mail, wrote a sentence: "I can feel every time you breathe." Fell in love with his girl think he . One day, he gave the girl to call, the girl said, upset stomach, go to the hospital. He immediately said that I go with you. The girl said no, not serious. He did not say anything, the girl to the hospital when they found he was waiting at the reception desk. On another occasion, the girl was drunk, adidas sale gave him a call, he put down the phone, opened dozens of kilometers of the night to pick up her car. He is also not blame her, she just said: "drunk and more uncomfortable, so after the other." The girl saw his eyes full of concern.She knows he's cruel, then, can not be satisfactorily love story, you can also have a clear reason. If you really can not love, then a little cruel, cruel again, because the seeds of love, but also re-sprout; because of an encounter, a look, or sound gentle greeting, you can make the whole spring, pink willow in your eyes again Green. . . . . .Never, never not unrequited love.

Remember: you play him and ambiguous, cheap nike shoes is not like you. Men really like a person, can be seen from the eyes, he was anxious to bolt with you, how will be fits and starts, suddenly back into the suddenly? Is, like there must always be pleasing to the eye he looked at you and you just ambiguous. Therefore, the ambiguous man you must not sentimental, even if he often pull you out, every day, SMS, telephone, QQ, msn; even hugged, kissed, slept, and still does not mean anything, nothing. Do not believe a man to say good things.calm down and think about you is not really like him. People have inertia, such as a person to call you every day 9, two weeks after not playing, you certainly uncomfortable.  But the girl never fall in love with this man, he was helpless. He said: "I thought I could take care of you, we had friends, if you need help, tell me, I will come." The girl looked at him to leave, I think of her first boyfriend, to understand front of this man truly love her. She read his feelings for her in the kind of deep pity. In the nearly 30-year-old girl met an architect when they met feel like loners who find companionship. Them together, he always looked at with a focus on her. Not liking her, he wanted to make her happy ways, he has done all that is only one reason - "I want you happy." She has a little cough, he told her to take medicine every day; her out, he always said you have to be careful. All things are trivial, but all of the things that he was her love and affection. Girls like him, but do not know that he is not really love him. Until one day, he told her about the pain of lost love before, mbt shoes told her how in the years he struggled alone. He buried his head in her arms, like a child. Girl holding him, took to the infinite moment of pity, she thought she must be good for him, then let him feel lonely. Later, I recall that moment, the girl admitted it was her love moment, she did not have such pity for any man, including her first boyfriend.



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If you continue to love even more

So remember, drink no more than six drunk, eat no more than seven full, love a person no more than eight if you are confused for love, perhaps the following words can give you some inspiration:love a person, to understand, but also open solution;to apologize, but also thanks to admit, but also error correction to be considerate; should understand is to accept, not tolerate is intolerance, not condone is to support, not dominate is sympathy, nike air max 1 not questioned is talk, not a complaint is memorable, but not forgotten is to communicate with each other, and not everything is explained pray for each other silently, rather than to the many other requirements; Can be romantic, but do not waste Do not hand, not to let go. "Because of love you love because you dream a dream ... ... So pull up your hand, pull to go with the afterlife." Fine hand of a pull, he gets is a pure years; vertical hand-off, lay down is I, Love. If you really love, then, holding out his hand, just hold a can not love, just hold an eternal love.If I suddenly disappear, you will not go crazy like me, then they can not find me and sad. If I suddenly disappear, would you countless hits to my room, I see traces.

If I suddenly disappear, would you seriously look at my space in the heart of every article, and then I had to understand how the treasure you. If I suddenly disappear, you will not QQ, I open every day, moncler jacken when you see the hearts of friends while on the line tension, that is me. If I suddenly disappear, would you watch the silly soap opera tears, and then fiercely to me. If I suddenly disappear, would you think of me in the happiest time, and I want to share your happiness with you. If I suddenly disappear, you will not feel that you want me, you actually care about me. If I suddenly disappear, would you have been waiting for me, will always believe I will come back to you. If I suddenly disappear, I will not go back, and you continue to forget my happy life. I really do not disappear, you will find there is around me? I really do not disappear, you will think I want to cherish? I really do not disappear, you will feel how much I treasure had you? I really do not disappear, you will be willing to give me a trace of pity? I really do not disappear, you will understand you really lost me? I really do not disappear, you will know what is true love? Suddenly miss holding you cry. Suddenly feel good it is. In addition to give you trouble, paul smith sale I do not know what he can do for you? Very quiet tears streaming down their own at the mobile phone screen is very quiet cry. Do not want to let you know, do not want to be found, so quietly, quietly disappeared ... ... ... I giggle, tears falling in disguise. I play the fool, you and I covered up the story.

 I love equipment, modification of tolerance I have for you, I love you, it is difficult to extricate themselves.That sad winter, a piece of snow is crushed in the future. They sat face to face, silently Zhaoyan. Boys breath, said: "I go first." Girl rushed out the door, watching the taxi away, as was shot, body bent buried her face up. She issued a cry, long and thin wire-like tension, tightly tangled with despair. She murmured: "I go with you, go with you." Then suddenly jump to mind their parents. A fly into a rage: "You insist to keep a junior high school graduates, do not return to this home!" A tear again and again: "He's wandering around, we do not trust you give him ah." Quarrel over her, resisted, or even hate their own reading of the university. But she eventually caved in, and she is not afraid to follow the boy out of hardship, as long as the glass slipper to wear love, life is the most romantic waltz. But day after day, haggard parents, timberland boots uk such as a Cuodao, inserted in her chest. Broke up six months, the north of the vines were growing soaring. His hard work in a foreign land city. Then drunk, and she wrote on the blackboard the names of any of his word, chalk will pause, but they are strongly complementary contact, in the absence of any possible before blocking each other's thoughts - A year later a party, she met another man, his tall, handsome, has a decent job, this is a proud man who has offered to send her front door.

She said: "If you want to see you laugh the way, so from now on, I Huichang Lai find you." Day evening, the man on the motorcycle ride, through half the town to pick her up from work; if she is still to the students, he squatted in the garden, like a monkey waiting for her, rainy weather, they walk home, Pro wet side shoulder, always men. Valentine's Day, the man put a diamond ring to her, as well as packaged snacks heavy: "Marry me, I will be more pet you." Love, thanks, but also shoots in a given season, adidas shoes that a look, eyes that loved their love may be the same, although at first that he is not. She finally married, every day there is abundance of smiles. To see her wearing aprons, skilled busy in the kitchen, I suddenly feel things a dream. Other dates on her side white fungus soup, I took a sip, smiled and asked: "Now also think of love?" She smiled a quiet, gently nodded: "I hope he can find a loved one. Just separation period, every day I want to know from him! be appropriated for each half of my phone stopped. to say? I compromise, there is no better solution, I can only give He forgot to me ... very cruel, but was happy for each other, leaving a vacancy. " No wonder "Lengkudaodi" so popular, forget, also is a love. A friend of advertising, also said his arms around the story of love. You feel it? In fact, love, hate is often only an idea in our! Tolerance not only to know how to love more timely, because a lot of things may just change your mind too! Got it? When a person fall in love with you, and you think he is good. That does not mean that you will choose him. We always said: "I love to find a person you love, you will love." But when the other person ask you, what makes love love, you can not answer him, because you do not know.

Yes, we always thought we would find a people who love their love. But later, when we suddenly look back, we will find what they once naive. If never start, how do you know will love love that person? In fact, love the feeling, to experience a lot of things together until after nike air max 95 the discovery. Perhaps everyone would like to find their own favorite one hundred percent of the partner, but you have not thought about "at your side will already paid for you was silent a long time, but you do not find it?" So, still a closer look at the people around you! He may have been waiting for you for a long time myself! When you love a person, love to just eight absolute good. All the expectations and hopes are only Qi Bafen; remaining two or three points to love yourself. If you continue to love even more, is likely to give each other a heavy pressure, so that each breath, completely lost the love of fun. Three years ago he was falling out of love too, was a painful death. Phone call before his girlfriend, new boyfriend does not talk, and proud, he stopped for a long time before calm, asked: "Are you ready to come back?" Ex-girlfriend hesitated to say no, he paused and said: "I am ready to forget you, start a new life, please do not be too selfish, the north face ." categorically put out the microphone. It is the day of decision, it contributed to today's well-being. Love to simply, if you can not love, do not clear-cut, or the more delicate flowers that even the root removal, not a petal left. Roth novel "First Love", the same smart handsome aristocratic lady and the Duke of love at first sight, in order not to completely destroy the girl's future, the Duke married the last date when the hard-hearted rewarded window whip mind waiting three German lover, what, twice and third, the girl slowly raised his wrist, the gentle kiss to the whip marks on the print, staring Duke "pale face."

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I can not change the heart of your deep thoughts

Your very good temperament, very kind man, mature age people like you, but the few stable. You value your friends and relatives each side, you say you are a mild-mannered fellow. So you become, the eyes of many girls, Prince Charming. Even if a lot of time, we are not words, but share the same girls tell me all the answers sensitive. Cool but like you good people, only a distance, can not be involved. So love you, only want you on my heart. I like to maintain your child, remember that play hide and seek game? I caught that day, so help me Ah Meng Ge eyes with a scarf, he pulled tight. So I cried wailing howl: "You pull my eyes hurt her." Pulling pain is one of the most important thing is for interested parties to support and pamper. To tell the truth, mixed in the community for some time, do not really want to grow up, so that you can win more people to care. But years of age a man, this cruel reality can never be satisfied. So. Cold look at themselves move forward one step forward, christian louboutin shoes but often is determined and weak. At the moment I vexatious, your voice came from the near horizon: "You will not be kept which, lighter thing. The people to pull pain." "I know you feel bad she was, then you come to citizenship." So he threw the scarf for you. That winter is really cold, Kexin really good warm, because you are on my side. I know you can only be a journey of my life passing. Gone through, passing, and after all, is to miss. Even so, I will take you in my heart the way you look at the growth and happiness.

Really happy. I know how to really love a person, is without any reason and return. Just in my heart, there is a never-ending prayer, pray that the love of you health, happiness, all wishes come true. Love you, let me just put your heart, moncler uk a lifetime memory of a lifetime care, a lifetime blessing. As long as you are happy, I would be happier than you.Angels want to give dolphin a kiss, But the sea is too deep. Dolphins want to give Angel a hug, But the days are too high ... ... "Angel, I love how you can get a gift ..." dolphin pain Diming. "I can not give up my angel's identity together with you to the sea, dolphins, unless you can give up your appearance, the embodiment of the Temple in the fish pond, so that we can get together ..." Angel hesitated, because she knew own words what it means, composed of a dolphin to the sea in the beautiful elves into a freshwater fish, whether appearance or customs, which are not easy, not to mention the dolphins and his parents' affection. "I will!" Dolphin replied firmly, finally glanced at his beloved ocean. When you care about a person, you will often see something go right to the information on his QQ, even can recite; When you care about a person, you will find a way to pay attention to him from all sides, including his life and traces his line; When you care about a person, Timberland Boots you will hear someone on the QQ on the line as long as the sound will soon see if it is him, or would restlessness.

When you care about a person, you will see him immediately after the line also make their own light up, even if you used stealth.When you care about a person, you will recede as you head to light him, even if this time you are radiant as the stars of the holding; When you care about a person, you would like to listen to her favorite song, learn to play his favorite game, the kind of happiness is far greater than the game itself; When you care about a person, you will have in life tell him a little bit small, even if there is no meaning and value; When you care about a person, you may intentionally or unintentionally, to help him, hope he does not want him to know more than hello; When you care about a person, you will not decide when you go to seek his advice, then listen to the same as listening to sacred; When you care about a person, you will be playing in front of him from time to time some small temper and then wait for england football shirts him to coax you, even if you never petty usual temper; When you care about a person, you will not show in his very care when you feel depressed or even angry, though you know you just general friend; When you care about a person, you will forgive everything he does, even if you have made the most intolerable and sworn; When you care about a person, you will inadvertently because he's good and you feel very sweet, and even make you happy for days.

When you care about a person, you would be very interested in all his, even though he will never forget the words wrong; When you care about a person, you will find some of their habits have slowly become accustomed to some of his closer, and this change is not your intent; When you care about a person, you will enjoy the feeling with him, whether alone or together and a lot of people, as long as he will be satisfied; When you care about a person, cheap adidas you will be misunderstood in his time, or you think you are bad, feeling that the world suddenly lose the light, the gray mood; When you care about a person, you will board the first time to see their own space there is no trace of him before, if there is a message that is extremely happy; When you care about a person, you will not be willing to delete any message he gave you, you will come up from time to time to look back at, some self-satisfaction; When you care about a person, you will have what he wants to help any busy you are full of enthusiasm to do, and always want to do best; When you care about a person, you will have some of his "unreasonable" demands are pleased to accept, and never mind what it costs.Love you, you do not know, actually do not want to psyche you can understand. Because you should have your life, have your goals, you want to pursue the ideal of the future. I just can not transcend the mortal world as a normal girl, so the hand can not bring you happiness. Hey, I still ignorant, when in reality you are still in pursuit of the ideal time. I look forward to this story can have a beautiful start, but the end of it. I finally understand how love is a happy thing. Do not pressure themselves, not to the other pressure. To be honest: love you, I am very happy.

 Then the CD in my heart, buried in a permanent blessing for you and miss. I know you in a corner of my heart. There are too many in this corner of the joys and sorrows of you. You know I do not want anyone to know, nor anyone willing to share the emotion. But I believe there is always one day I will try to accept another's love and be loved. Even then, I can not change the heart of your deep thoughts. The same day you met, really happy. Do not know why, it is to listen to you. You know, every time you call me to help do something, nike air shoes I always pretended to be very reluctant to face. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of willing heart. This phenomenon is so I have surprised you so easily pushed open my door. There are a couple, similar to dinner after work, shopping, but the girls because the company delayed the meeting, when she arrived at Mao Zhaoyu time has more than 30 minutes late, his boyfriend was very unhappy to say: "You every case, I did not feel anything, I'll never wait for you! mbt "Suddenly, the girl finally burst its banks collapsed, she was thinking: Perhaps they had no future. Similarly, in the same place, another couple is also facing the same situation; girl arrived late for half an hour when his boyfriend, said: "I think you too busy now!" Then his girl wipe the face of rain, and take off his jacket covered in girls, at the moment, the girl in tears. However, her cheeks the tears flow but it is warm.


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I suddenly felt silly and soil

But the instant opportunity moncler shop again, games, I saw a black shirt, he wore his hat against small rogue like walking, indifferent look. That day, I go with good friends, good friends that I told the boys I like. She had to see him, said to me: "does not look like a good person." I said: "Yes." We followed him to their class position, I look at it next, he is to manage the department, than I am a grade. Since then I have the impression of Management especially good to see they smile, really Aiwujiwu, but also often attend their demeanor, when determined to be either met him, he should see a perfect me. I also imagine many of his way to meet, for example, I hold the book out from the classroom, he suddenly hit me; or one day wearing a beautiful dress, cheap timberland boots he noticed me; or I was hit by a car, He happened to go through ... ... But I imagine things have not happened.

Meet the real simple. That day I saw him in the library, the two of us, just across a wooden table, I wrote a note, and there is no rhetoric, just write my name, that they want to associate with him. I can not see him, his head low in the book. Then, when I looked up and found he had gone, I was really good sorry, the taste is denied even a moment to commit suicide, I Fuzaizhuoshang, cry and Kubu Chu. Late into the night, I was walking, the rain of the entire portrait, extremely depressed, but when I went to the door, cheap football shirts I saw him on the steps, he turned, saw me and smiled , said: "The fool!" I almost jumped in surprise, then he hold up my hand, take me to the dormitory door, and then he asked me for my library card, the pictures inside the peel off an inch, put their pocket, and leaves. We have an appointment, I deliberately put to see before he bought a new dress, I think he must have felt my appearance was so grand for what. He smiled. I did not go very far, when he came back I mentioned something, such as detective novels, his photo, Chu's songs, all showed me.

Then we examine the system to Chengde, I will adidas sale miss him day and night. Go to a strange city, to see good things to buy for him, that every love song is to describe us. Bought a delicious fig, this looks ugly but very sweet little fruit, there are many small grains, when I come back, but with him watching movies, eat figs, and happy and eat two uncomfortable, this is the love the taste of it. On the way back, through a large acacia trees, we Hu Wang each other, his eyes looked so ill, but I suddenly burst out laughing, think of two people mouthful of fig seeds, how to kiss it, I they turned away. I asked him: "Ouyang Zi, you love me?" He said: do not know, do not know. He just looked at me with your eyes, smiled. mbt shoes Then one day, he found me told me that he had a girlfriend back, he and she together. I was standing in front of him, and did not like the movie as the elegant girls to give him a slap, I was so angry he grabbed the stone floor. His move to his chest, but did not say a word, just walked in silence, it touches me a lot of crying to be hurt. Thinking about passing a share of the sincere bonds of friendship is priceless, I could not help but sorrowful tears ... ... I was the wind blowing over the blue dress, my melancholy heart to melt.

Went to college after the day the colors seem to become more than the previous blue. At that time, I was a like ginkgo tree, cheap nike shoes like the blue skirt, often sitting on the balcony of view of the novel the girls. I like a man. I do not know how to notice him, but for some time, I always met him, saw him casually passed me, or appear on the same occasion, I will be very nervous. Sat in the library reading room, straight at the past, is he! Then a pair of sparkling eyes, so handsome but ill, I know men should not rely on a Lianrong win, but I really conquered by his face. That the eye can see a person in prison, a blink, black eyes the color of Shen Nong, white of the eye is cruel, mean eyelashes more of a shy, he is too strange. I like him. April 25, 1997 in the evening I sat on the balcony, christian louboutin sale suddenly he following through, he was wearing a black T-shirt, wore a cap, a hat worn backwards, to duck tongue covered her head. His hands holding a ball, like a hoodlum like leisurely toward the distant basketball court. I was the wind blowing over the blue dress, my melancholy heart to melt. I went to basketball court, from a distance with his play with others. They are all boys, there are a few people noticed me, they Huxiangzhuangu, we all look at me, he turned around several times, but he did not face. They did not stir, but seriously play, I suddenly felt silly and soil, then left. I decided to forget him.

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This thirty seconds

 Then, every year she and her husband should come back New Year, every year, and the reunion dinner with their family. His children called her aunt, her children called him uncle. Feelings between adidas shoes them seems to really back to the original brothers and sisters. To their own children to be college age, he hastened to the remote play to call her: "Sister, you are there any good points the university, I want kids to where the child was too disobedient, the old mess with him Mother angry, I told him in the past to study, you help me supervise supervision Ye Hao! "She actually laughed on the phone:" Is it? I want my kids to you there too! our family the child is not obedient, against her father's discipline, that only want to hear this girl's uncle ... "She paused and said:" Better this way, let them test it the same school, so they have a brother and sister to take care of each other, we see them when it comes to discipline with two children about. "He shook the phone a little trembling of the hands, the north face the heart was back to a number of years ago. Parents of the children admitted to the arrangement of the same school. He said to his son: "You have to take care of his sister, can not let anyone bully her!" She said to her daughter: "Do not mess with my brother after the angry, do not always give his brother into trouble."

Stand the winter cold, the sky snow is wrapped with this were numerous cold city.Aircraft ranging from people, but their delicate and rich dinner, that there is no slack, all a woman's favorite dishes. Afternoon with a woman half the time, so that the table filled with seafood. Men boarded the plane in the evening. He said to the nike air max 95 woman, when he walked out of the airport, the time will be late, so he would not give this evening a woman called, and call back until the next morning. Woman said: "Good." Then she stood at the window waving goodbye to the man. Late, a woman has long been asleep. Suddenly, the phone ringing woke her, she looked at my watch, has been in the morning. Woman got up, went to the living room, picked up the phone, she heard a man's voice. Quite unexpected opening on the man: "Are you okay?" Woman surprised: "Fortunately, I have lie in it. Not to say that the morning and then call it?" Men do not seem to worry, they asked one: "Are you all right? "A woman a little funny, a man too sentimental, though she knew he was concerned about them," I certainly right, sleep is sweet. how do you? "the nike air max 1 man said:" To tell you say, I have to you have to worry about , do not forget to call me something. "Then he said a good night with the woman, hastily hung up the phone. Woman holding a phone, stunned a full minute. She would like something wrong tonight man, where do wrong? Moment but could not.

Two weeks later, the men returned from that city, still sparkle. He more than just a scar on the stomach. A woman asked how, he replied: "Nothing, a little hurt." Anxious woman, asked endlessly. Man laughed: "I tell you, you can not get angry. That day, I got off the plane walking in the streets, sudden stomach pain, it has never had colic, so I was almost fainting. So, I suddenly thought seafood, thought might be food poisoning, you know, in this coastal town, moncler jacken every year people eating seafood and killed. So, I call you, I think if they really are because the seafood, then you must at this time will have feelings and if you do not answer the phone, or while connected, but the body is not comfortable, I will direct the telephone call to 120 emergency center, so they immediately rushed to our house and later listen to your breath, everything is normal I did not live in disturb you, rest assured that hung up the phone. " "I feel are so uncomfortable, you do not quickly find a way to save themselves first? Can there be so suspicious thinking east to west?" Man woman looking affectionately: "re-pressing, I have to give you a call, you know, food poisoning is a sloppy, time is life." Women think of it, that day, the phone rang for a long time stubborn, she lazily up the answer.

Although she and her man just paul smith sale chatted for a few brief, but these words, with about half a minute, men are being put up a huge pain. When he was convinced that a woman does not have any problems, eliminates the possibility of food poisoning, only to hang up the phone, began to passersby for help or turn to a local 120 emergency center. If food poisoning the day they really are, then, even in the thousands of miles, the men will be sent to the medical staff around her. But, man will thus delay the thirty seconds, or, in life and death, a man his own thirty seconds, did not hesitate to give a woman. This thirty seconds, a man certainly know, is very likely that the distance between life and death. She married, to stay in the city where her husband; he married, his wife is a simple and virtuous woman. He's no one to take care of sick parents, his wife than he even enthusiastic. She then came back, although accompanied by her timberland boots uk husband around, but still did not dare look directly at him. As a result, they often, she chats to accompany his wife, and he was very congenial and her husband. They talk the topic is still interesting that they hear a kid's embarrassing, but that did not feel too much sweet, and memories, they have to take into account that around two people who love them. They regret their move people around with. The original time really make love more deep-seated. That year, he was 32 years old, she was 31 years old.


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This is our custom home

 They first met each other on the left a good impression, the two people have more contact. It was a particularly happy day, until the end Timberland Boots of all transactions, when Anne Rogers issued a weekend date for the invitation, she realized that the goodwill of each other turned out to be another profound meaning. She hesitated, insincerely explained that he intended to go home and her husband together, then talk about Rick, about those delicious home pudding. Unexpectedly, Rogers heard, there's no retreating means, and have actually come up with an aggressive stance in court to seize the hand of Anne, it is reckless to say very confidently: "Give me a chance and time, I will do better . "The next day, he called Anne, said he bought a professional pastry book, also hired a professional bakers to teach their own pudding. Anne's heart churn up: Rogers shows a small england football shirts detail of their own truth. Anne thought of divorce. But how on the Rick say? She tried to pick points from Rick a few years of marriage problems, but the strange thing is, my mind full of his good.

Rogers asked: "Is not directly tell Rick, you fell in love with someone else?" However, Anne was instinctively replied: "No, that would make Rick sad." Has dragged on for some days, the Group Board of Directors announced that the upcoming decision in a European Division. The news reached the ears of Rogers, he had an idea to suggest: If Anne was sent to Europe, you can not reason with a long-term separation of divorce to Rick do? Anne's heart was finally say move, she actively seek to advance the opportunity to visit to Europe, even before the vexatious to the line a few times cheap adidas and Rick dispute. She felt that perhaps this approach makes Rick angry and indifferent because of their feelings. He finally losing control: "Do not leave me, I beg you, do not leave me, I can not do without you, really can not ..." He knelt on the ground. She was shocked: "You ... how do you?" "Promise me, let me hug you, promise me." "But ..." "But you are afraid I know you sick, right? I finally understand why you always look so tired, so haggard, how do I so careless, how could I leave you ..." he broke down in tears. She smiled and cried, did not say anything, gently leaning against his shoulder: "hold me, I rely on for a while, a little tired." He held her tightly, his lips gently against mbt her forehead.

Do not know when she fell asleep ... ... "Little Di, there is not very strange? You afraid? In this world, I did not properly accompany you, I throw in that you can no longer strange place, where so me, please? Small Di, in there, do not change the name so that I can suddenly find you. "Men and women eating dinner. After eating, a man will catch a taxi straight to the airport, he was going to a distant city on business. Marriage, Rick in a company looking for a salesman's job. Although very hard, but for the generous pay and benefits, he did a particularly energetically. You know, the money to pay for housing loans and nike air shoes solve Anne's college tuition. Honeymoon, when Anne first tasted home made pudding Rick. That, she eating eating, suddenly feeling something was slightly teeth a bit. Spit it out, is a small silver button. Rick smiled and said: "This is our custom home, who eat the pudding hidden silver buttons, it must be good luck." Anne silver buttons to stare at a loss for a long time, she did not believe the sinking of small What stuff can bring good luck, but my heart is very truly a kind of warm feeling. Days later, a family life in the pudding almost essential. Rick constantly pudding guise, or to reconcile a variety of christian louboutin shoes flavors of juice, or skin on the nuts into preserves.

But regardless of how change, Anne always eat the pudding that hidden silver buttons. Anne is not a fool, of course, want all this in under Rick's design. Sometimes, she would have fitted in a plate of pudding to compare one by one child, studied, but still can not see inside the mystery. After graduation, Anne into a large company with an international reputation. With her talent and hard work, discouraged by the boss just three years, was promoted to department head. At this point Anne and more entertainment and communication, home and join her husband naturally less. For Anne, that was a new temptation sky, moncler uk her vision and lack of heart gradually opened, and began to have more desire and even luxury. Since when can not tell, her own marriage is not salty not pale but also has a sense of boredom. Just then, a man named Rogers into Anne's attention. He operates on a Fifth Avenue law firm, who is also the legal counsel of some well-known companies. Rogers just after standing, handsome, free and easy temperament, extraordinary conversation, all of which fit the hearts of girlhood of Anne's "Prince Charming" image. Soon, the group hired Rogers to help resolve a dispute, while Anne is a representative of the board of directors.


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